Hokkaido Yumepirika 2kg (fresh rice)

Origin Prefecture: Hokkaido

 With its abundant nature, Hokkaido can produce a lot of fresh and high-quality agricultural products. Its unique climate, which includes cooler temperatures and a longer snow cover period, offers a conducive environment for producing a diverse range of crops.

Please read this topic for more information about Hokkaido prefecture.

Variety: Yumepirika

It is renowned for its unique qualities and is considered one of Hokkaido’s specialty rice varieties. Yumepirika rice is characterized by its short and plump grains, as well as its distinct taste and texture.

Please read this topic for more information about Yumepirika variety.

Product feature

With this nitrogen-packaged product, you can enjoy the fresh rice as if it was just harvested from the paddle field. You also can store it in quite a long time if you haven’t opened the bag.

Recommended dishes

Origiri, sushi, enjoyed with side dish with average flavor

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