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Rice is the heart of Japanese food culture.
As a Japanese rice specialist for nearly 100 years,
Tsuda Bussan Group serves as a bridge between producers and consumers.
We ensure a steady supply of safe and reliable rice that is meticulously crafted by dedicated farmers,
and deliver this natural gift to our customers.

Tsuda Bussan

About Tsuda Bussan Group leaf

Tsuda Bussan Group has adopted a specialized divisional structure to ensure the stable supply of safe and reliable rice. By focusing on specific areas of expertise and tailoring our management systems accordingly, we are able to leverage the strengths of each division and provide better products from the production area to the consumer market.

  • Our strong connection with suppliers and farmers

    1. Our supplier network is spread all over Japan, which is why we can handle a wide variety of general and unique rice from each production area, and be able to propose the best rice for various needs.
    2. We stand by the farmers, closely monitor the entire growth journey of rice, from preparing the paddy fields, planting, nurturing, to harvesting. This meticulous observation not only guarantees a reliable supply but also enables us to convey the genuine dedication of the growers at every stage.
    3. We comprehend their aspirations, help them aware of challenges in the transitioning world, support them to uphold sustainable agriculture practices, commit to bringing their beloved rice grains to global tables
  • Our dedications to valuable customers

    1. Whether you’re a valued consumer, a dedicated wholesaler, a cherished retailer, or one of our esteemed members, the pursuit of excellence runs through all our veins by providing the best quality rice products that suit your needs and exceptional service.
    2. Reliability is our cornerstone. Our customers trust us for our products, and for the consistent, dependable partnership we provide by conveying the genuine voice of producers, reflecting the truth in the rice market, and driving optimal solutions.
    3. In the ever-changing world with the evolving needs and perceptions of customers towards rice products, we are also constantly transforming and developing new products to expand our offerings and enhance customers’ experience. We not only is to deliver just products, but novel experiences that elevate satisfaction with our customers.
  • Our future goal

    Our future aspiration lies in a resolute mission – to facilitate the global journey of Japanese rice. Our vision extends beyond borders, as we set our sights on making Japanese rice a cherished staple on tables worldwide. Fueled by a passion for sharing culture through culinary delight, we are dedicated to connecting individuals across continents through the richness of Japanese tradition. Our future is an adventure of flavor, authenticity, and unity of Japanese food culture whose center is rice, and we are honored to be your guides on this remarkable voyage.

Our Commitment leaf

  • Purchasing

    Tsuda Bussan sources diverse rice varieties nationwide. With strong regional connections, we deliver rice that highlights each area’s unique characteristics, meeting various customer needs. We visit production sites annually, inspect fields, verify cultivation histories, and ensure the supply of delicious and reliable rice.

  • Manufacturing

    Our vital milling process ensures safe, high-quality rice for consumers. Stored in temperature-controlled warehouses, rice undergoes multiple inspections and meticulous milling pressure adjustments based on variety, quality, and moisture content, maximizing flavor of every single grain.

  • Quality Control

    To ensure food safety and reliability, we employ an in-house system for scientific analysis using inspection equipment such as component analyzers and taste testers. We also conduct sensory tests through taste trials and voluntary DNA testing. In addition, we have obtained third-party certifications to ensure comprehensive quality management.

  • Logistics

    Maintaining freshness is a crucial factor in preserving the deliciousness of Japanese rice. Our distribution center houses a 5,000-ton capacity cold storage facility, to manage freshness throughout the year. Through the efficient utilization of this facility and a swift logistics network, we distribute rice across Japan and also worldwide.

  • Product Development

    We create and propose rice products that align with consumer demands. From “rinse-free rice” to “organic rice”, from “nitrogen packaging” to “mini-vacuum package”, we offer innovative concepts. We also handle regional agricultural products and develop unique processed food items, fostering new connections.

  • Distribution

    As a wholesaler, we not only facilitate product distribution but also convey the voices of producers directly to retailers. We operate our own retail stores and incorporate feedback from both retailers and consumers to convey the needs of consumers to producers, leading to the development of new varieties and improvements in cultivation methods.

Third-party certification and registration

At our company, quality control is at the heart of our operations. With a focus on delivering excellence, we take pride in our certified factory, which has been accredited with multiple third-party certifications and registered with prestigious regulatory agency . These certifications and registration ensure that our processes adhere to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. Through rigorous quality control measures, we consistently strive to provide our customers with the finest products that meet the highest industry standards.

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Tsuda Products Group
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