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Rice is the heart of Japanese food culture.

To ensure every grain is carefully taken care of by the farmers,
most Japanese rice is grown by small-scale farming.
That makes Japanese rice so unique, precious, and pleasurable.

As a Japanese rice specialist for nearly 100 years,
Ricefriend produces the best quality rice and food with the local farmers,
and deliver this natural gift to our customers.

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  • Nitrogen Packaging Series

    Nitrogen Packaging Series (900g・2kg)

    Freshness” is the key of Japanese rice.
    Nitrogen Packaging makes the freshness long-lasting.
    Easy to store, and perfect for daily use.

  • Organic Japanese Rice Series

    Organic Japanese Rice Series (2kg)

    Special selection of the best species,
    grown by organic farming in specific area.
    Full of love and care to the rice, to customers, and to our planet.

  • Normal Packaging Series

    Normal Packaging Series (5kg・2kg)

    Collected over 20 species from all around Japan,
    covering the classic to the new release.
    The essential items for every rice lover.


    “RICECUBE” – Vacuum Packaging 300g Series

    Come in 9 different species, mini-size with 300g each.
    Lovely, compact and long-lasting (1 year).
    A perfect gifts to share the incredible taste of Japanese rice.

  • Pre-cooked Rice Series

    Pre-cooked Rice Series

    Carefully cooked and freshly packed.
    You just need a microwave or a pot of hot water,
    then the hot and tasty rice will be ready in minutes.
    Just the same taste in Japan.

  • Local Special Selection

    Local Special Selection

    Made by the local farmer associations,
    who know the most about the ingredients.
    Enjoy every bit of Japanese food, and support our beloved farmers.

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