A beautiful dream

A premium rice of Hokkaido Prefecture

Hokkaido has continuously improved its varieties and produced a lot of delicious rice. Among them, Yumepirika is said to be the best product and established a firm position as the representative variety of Hokkaido. This low-amylose rice is stickier than other varieties, and we have absolute confidence in its taste. Yumepirika is known for its sweetness and softness, recommended for those who care about rice taste. Moreover, the glossy and beautiful appearance also contributes to Yumepirika’s fame. Even outside of Japan, it is desired by those who want quality rice.

Rice is grown in various regions within Hokkaido, benefiting from its cooler climate and ample water resources. The abundant water supply from rivers and melted snow provides the ideal conditions for rice cultivation. However, the shorter growing season and cooler temperatures compared to other regions of Japan mean that Hokkaido’s rice varieties are adapted to these conditions.

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