Bright shiny princess

A premium rice of Yamagata

Tsuyahime, a premium rice brand from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, is distinguished by its lustrous white appearance, delightful sweet-savory taste, and soft, sticky texture. Tsuyahime is suitable for hot and cold dishes, ranging from onigiri and bento to sushi because it doesn’t change texture and flavor after being cooled. It is cultivated by certified farmers committed to eco-friendly practices and stringent quality standards so that it can be labeled as Tsuyahime. It has won awards in Japan in a delicious rice contest and recognition for its deliciousness and popularity both in Japan and overseas.

Tsuyahime rice, with its delightful combination of unique flavor, appealing texture, and culinary versatility, exemplifies the dedication of Japanese farmers to producing top-tier rice varieties. It has become a sought-after choice for those who appreciate the subtleties and nuances of high-quality rice in their culinary experience.

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