Nara Hinohikari 5kg

Origin Prefecture: Nara

Nara Prefecture is surrounded by mountains on all sides and has excellent geographical conditions for rice cultivation. Thanks to the Yoshino River diversion, which sends rainwater from the Yoshino Mountains in the southern part of the prefecture to the Nara Basin, abundant clear water enriches the rice-growing areas. In this favorable environment, Hinohikari is planted mainly in the Nara Basin as a suitable brand of rice. Today, it accounts for approximately 70% of the prefecture’s rice acreage.

Variety: Hinohikari

Hinohikari is widely known as the most cultivated brand of rice in Nara Prefecture. It is a rather small grain that does not lose its elasticity and stickiness even when cold. It is also characterized by its sweetness that becomes more pronounced the more it is chewed.

Recommended dishes

Hinohikari is an attractive rice that can be used in a variety of dishes depending on how it is cooked. By using less water, you can enjoy a less sticky texture, making the rice suitable for fried rice, sushi, etc.

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