Origin Prefecture: Nagano

Nagano Prefecture has long hours of sunlight and a large temperature difference between day and night, which allows the rice to store nutrients and produce good-tasting rice. It is also surrounded by high mountains and has a relatively cool climate, making it one of the least susceptible areas in the country to pests and diseases. As a result, the number of times agricultural chemicals are used as specified by the prefecture is one of the lowest in Japan, and the region is known as a production area where good rice can be harvested without relying on agricultural chemicals. The water used for rice cultivation is pure melted snow water flowing from the majestic mountains, and rice cultivation is carried out with one of the most beautiful waters in the country.


“MILKYQUEEN” is a low-amylose rice that is similar to glutinous rice among the ordinary rice. You can taste the sticky texture.

Recommended dishes

You can taste the sticky texture rice. We recommend steamed rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves!

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