Milky Queen

Milky pearly queen

Low amylose rice with a special whiteness

Milky Queen is meant to be the queen of good quality rice due to its low amylose, which gives the rice a milky white surface appearance. We deliver rare Milky Queen with specially cultivated rice (fertilizers and pesticides during cultivating are cut more than half, compared to normal standard). This product is limited to Kiyotaka Imai San – a young leading farmer well-known in the area.

Milky Queen is a low-amylose rice that is similar to glutinous rice among the ordinary rice. Milky Queen not only has a soft texture but also a beautiful shine when cooked, goes well with Japanese cuisine and is often used in hotels and traditional Japanese restaurants. It tastes great even when cold, making it ideal for rice balls and lunch boxes. The texture is so addictive that once you try it, you will keep coming back for more!

It is recommended for those who prefer sticky and soft rice but still care about appearance. You can blend with other rice to enjoy it in your own way or create different flavor as you like.

You can know more about Nagano Prefecture here.

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