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Sunshine of Koshi area

Only grown in Niigata Prefecture

The name means “new breath of Echigo (Ibuki),” derived from the image of being fresh and full of vitality, inheriting the lineage of the famous Koshihikari. This rice, which is similar to Koshihikari rice, has a delicious flavor and is very popular for its reasonable price. On the other hand, it is not too sticky and has a firm texture compared to Koshihikari. It is relatively young variety that began to be cultivated in 2001 but it has a reputation for becoming more delicious year by year and attracting more consumers.

Because it keeps its deliciousness and softness even when being cooled, Koshiibuki is great for bento (lunch box), sushi, and rice balls (onigiri). Because it has a light taste, you can pair it with any side dishes to enjoy a delightful meal such as curry, omelet, Hayashi rice. Because it is less sticky and a bit firmer than Koshihikari, it is suitable for even fried rice, or rice bowl (donburi).

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