Dance of Starry Night

Only grown in Niigata Prefecture

“Hoshizoramai” is a new rice variety developed by the Tottori Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station that debuted in 2018. Hoshizoramai means “Dance of Starry Night”, and like its name, each grain shines like a star with high gloss after being cooked. It has an extremely high “taste value”, which is an index of deliciousness and a beautiful transparent whiteness that catches your eyes at first sight.

Hoshizoramai is a new rice with a brand logo and has high recognition from consumers. The original logo design is simple yet leaves a lasting impression and is easy to remember. It captures a night sky in the graceful shape of a rice grain, full of sparking stars, which reflect the beautiful appearance of Hoshizoramai.

 It is delicious rice that doesn’t change the texture even if the rice is cooled after cooking. Because it has a firm texture and moderate stickiness, it is even suitable for the one who eat rice for the first time, but still can feel the distinguished flavor of Japanese rice. It is recommended for a variety of foods such as curry, fried rice, or sushi,…

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