Tottori Hoshizoramai 5kg

Origin Prefecture: Tottori

Tottori Prefecture is located in the northeastern part of the Chugoku region, and is somewhat elongated from east to west. Although the terrain is mountainous, plains are formed in the basins of three rivers, and Tottori City, Kurayoshi City, and Yonago City have developed as the central cities of each basin. The climate is relatively warm, and the seasons change vividly, with many sunny days from spring to autumn and snowfall in winter.

Variety: Hoshizoramai

Dance of Starry Shine “Hoshizoramai” is especially good for the gloss and luster of cooked rice. Hoshizoramai has firm grains, moderate stickiness, and firm sweetness.

Recommended dishes

Hoshizoramai matches a variety of foods such as curry, fried rice, or sushi.

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