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We started shipping to Palau

Our products have begun to expand into new markets. In March, sales began in Palau- a beautiful island country, allowing us to provide our products to more people than ever before. With the start of sales in Palau, our products are now being used in local restaurants, and we will continue to provide products that will please the local community.

Our products have focused on quality and reliability for many years. Our entry into the Palau market is proof of our growth and evolution, and another step in meeting the needs of the local community. We will use the experience we have cultivated to provide the Palauan’s with the highest quality products.

The use of our products in local restaurants is also an important step that shows the high reputation and local trust of our products. We hope that many people visiting Palau will also try our delicious “Hitomebore from Iwate Prefecture” through their use in restaurants. We will continue to supply our products to Palau and make unremitting efforts to be loved by the local community.

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