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Our participation at the “Ready for Rice” trade show in Los Angeles

We aspire to bring even more delectable Japanese rice to international markets. At Rice Friend, we assure our customers that we comprehend their needs and challenges, dedicating ourselves to addressing them diligently. As a step towards this commitment, we participated in a business meeting with American buyers in Los Angeles in November 2023.

This endeavor has yielded progress in researching overseas markets, allowing us to grasp the actual demand abroad. While empathizing with our customers’ challenges, we are committed to ongoing exploration for effective solutions, striving to remain genuinely beneficial to our valued customers.

We hope that not only Japanese people living overseas but also many foreigners can enjoy delicious Japanese rice. To achieve this, we actively conduct market research in local supermarkets. Although Japanese rice is available, the range of varieties is somewhat limited. Looking ahead, our goal is to enhance our offerings and provide a broader array of choices for our international customers.

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