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Our business trip to Vancouver

To realize our mission of bringing delicious Japanese rice to as many foreigners as possible, we visited Vancouver, Canada for business meetings and market research.

During the trip here, we could feel Vancouver’s remarkable hospitality and friendliness, despite its high population density and diverse cultural landscape. We observed a strong demand for rice among the city’s residents, particularly within its sizable Asian community.

In Vancouver, there are many Japanese restaurants where you can enjoy a wide variety of Japanese cuisine, from high-end Japanese restaurants to sushi restaurants, rice bowl restaurants, and ramen restaurants. Locals are very interested in a wide variety of cuisines and are especially fond of Japanese food. In addition to rice, many familiar Japanese foodstuffs are also available, such as miso, soy sauce, and other seasonings, grilled seaweed, seasoned laver, sesame, bonito flakes, various pickles, furikake, Japanese tea, and so on.

We found that while there is high competition overseas, there are also many possibilities. We found our products on the shelves of a well-known supermarket for Asians. Although the number of items is modest, we are eager to expand our product offerings in the future.

However, ocean freight rates have recently skyrocketed compared to previous years because of wars, and prices are rising rapidly due to inflation. Although there are many challenges at this point, we will continue our efforts to ensure a stable supply of high-quality Japanese rice in Vancouver.

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