Snow-white prince

A new breath of Yamagata’s rice

As a brother of the Tsuyahime variety debuted in 2018, Yukiwakamaru soon earned fame as being a delicious and beautiful rice originating from Yamagata Prefecture. Similar to the sister Tsuyahime, Yukiwakamaru is characterized by shiny plump grains, a smooth fluffiness after cooking, and great stickiness. However, different from its sister, Yukiwakamaru has firm grains that give you a good mouthfeel and make you want to chew rice more. While sister Tsuyahime is as soft as a feminine princess, Yukiwakamaru is as firm as a masculine prince and it is an interesting couple.

Yamagata is one of the prefectures that put effort into the rice brand with the iconic package design. Yukiwakamaru has a logo design that reflects the theme of “Japan’s energy from the dining table.” The red circle represents Japan, and a small green circle depicts a rice bowl filled with rice. The design incorporates the happy faces of a family gathered around the dining table, emphasizing the significance of food in bringing people together.

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