Saga Sagabiyori 2kg

Origin Prefecture: Saga

Saga Prefecture has become rich in minerals and fertile land, and is one of the best rice-producing areas in Japan. On the plains, agriculture consists mainly of rice and soybeans, with wheat and onions as backcrops. In the mountainous areas, fruit trees and fattening cattle are produced. Many nationally renowned agricultural products are produced according to regional characteristics. It is also one of the nation’s leading producers of glutinous rice.

Variety: Sagabiyori

“Sagabiyori” is characterized by its firm texture. It is also glossy, sweet, and delicious. Moreover, it is one of the best rice that tastes good even when cold. It has been awarded the highest rating, “Special A”, in the eating quality ranking of rice 14 times in a row.

Recommended dishes

This rice is delicious even when cold. We recommend rice ball(onigiri) or lunch box.

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