Iwate Prefecture

The second largest prefecture in Japan – rich in culture

Iwate is renowned as an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic experience of “deep Japan.” Its towns and cities are a captivating blend of history, agriculture, and scenic beauty. The prefecture stands out as a culinary haven, boasting some of Japan’s finest wagyu beef, exceptional rice varieties, and renowned sakes. Notably, Iwate takes pride in Hiraizumi, the region’s inaugural UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for its historical significance as “the most peaceful land on earth” in ancient times. This accolade reflects the cultural and spiritual importance of Iwate, inviting visitors to delve into its storied past while savoring the exquisite flavors that define the region.

Jodogahama beach – a blue beach and stargazing spot

Jodogahama Beach in Iwate Prefecture is renowned for its striking landscape featuring unique formations of white rocks adorned with vibrant greenery, rising from the serene and crystal-clear seawaters. This picturesque spot attracts a multitude of visitors during its opening season, offering a tranquil escape. Beyond its daytime charm, Jodogahama is celebrated as an excellent location for stargazing, with the expansive night sky viewed from the beach considered among the most beautiful in the Tohoku region.

Home of natural hot spring

Iwate Prefecture is home to renowned onsen towns and facilities, with Hanamaki Onsen standing out as the most illustrious among them. This long-established onsen town is particularly recommended for first-time visitors to experience the authentic charm of Japanese hot springs. This not only provides a relaxing retreat but also allows guests to immerse themselves in the cultural and therapeutic aspects of Japan’s traditional hot spring culture.

Wanko Soba – a unique dining experience

Wanko Soba is a unique dining experience where small servings of soba noodles are offered, and diners try to eat as many servings as possible. Wanko Soba is often accompanied by a variety of toppings and condiments such as green onions, tempura, grated radish, and raw quail eggs. Diners can customize their soba with these toppings. It’s a popular and fun way to enjoy soba, Iwate style.

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