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Love at first sight

As good as Koshihikari rice

Its name comes from the fact that you fall in love at first sight with its beautiful appearance and delicious taste. Hitomebore was developed by Miyagi Prefecture, and because of its resistant growth in hot weather and its high-quality rice, Hitomebore was gradually cultivated vastly around Japan and became the second most cultivated and distributed rice variety after Koshihikari.

Hitomebore is characterized by its strong stickiness and sweetness that you won’t get bored of. When cooked, it is fluffy and has a chewy texture. It has a total balance of stickiness, sweetness, gloss, umami, and aroma. Hitomebore is a very popular rice variety in Japanese families and gained its fame. It doesn’t have a strong taste, so it goes well with a lot of side dishes such as grilled fish or go well with donburi (rice with toppings). The smooth texture doesn’t change even when it is cooled, the rice is suitable for onigiri (rice ball), bento (lunch box), or sushi. It is sometimes considered to be as delicious as Koshihikari but has a more affordable price.

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